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Sorting Out Swallows

Sorting out Swallows
(Reprinted - Prairie Smoke Vol.2-4 Spring 2005)

About 89 swallow species exist worldwide in the Family Hirundinidae. The only continent lacking swallows is Antarctica.  Africa and South America have the greatest diversity of species.  In North America, there are 9 regularly occurring species and 5 more occur accidentally.  In Central Ontario, there are 6 breeding species of swallows – Purple Martin, Tree Swallow, Bank Swallow, Northern Rough-winged Swallow, Barn Swallow and Cliff Swallow.

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Ron-and-JanetRon Reid and Janet Grand of Washago share a passion for birds, and for raising funds to conserve natural areas. So using their first-ever Ontario Big Year 2010 to gather donation pledges to purchase 300 acres within the Carden Alvar just seemed a natural fit. Share in their adventures as they scour Ontario for birds, and join in their quest to preserve this diverse property.

Editors Note:
April 2012: This property, now known as Wolf Run Alvar is one of several protected properties that serve as location venus for the Carden Nature Festival. The feed back from our visitors regarding this series of articles has been extremely positive so we have decided to keep it in place as a hand book of sorts, for how and where to find that special sighting.
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Ron Reid
Carden Program Coordinator The Couchiching Conservancy



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