Butterflies Species List

Butterflies species list for the carden alvar, and the carden nature festival

Butterflies Species List

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Silver Spotted Skipper Epargyreus clarus S5 G5    
Northern Cloudy Wing Thorybes pylades S5 G5    
Dreamy Dusky Wing Erynnis icelus S5 G5    
Juvenal's Dusky Wing Erynnis juvenalis S5 G5    
Columbine Dusky Wing Erynnis lucilius S4 G4    
Arctic Skipper Carterocephalus palaemon S5 G5    
Least Skipperling Ancyloxypha numitor S5 G5    
European Skipper Thymelicus lineola SE G5    
Leonardus Skipper Hesperia leonardus S4 G4    
Indian Skipper Hesperia sassacus S4 G5    
Peck's Skipper Polites peckius S5 G5    
Tawny-edged Skipper Polites themistocles S5 G5    
Crossline Skipper Polites origenes S4 G5    
Long Dash Skipper Polites mystic S5 G5    
Northern Broken Dash Wallengrenia egermet S5 G5    
Little Glassywing Pompeius verna S4 G5    
Delaware Skipper Atrytone logan S4 G5    
Hobomok Skipper Poanes hobomok S5 G5    
Broad-winged Skipper Poanes viator S4 G5    
Black Dash Euphyes conspicuus S4 G4    
Sedge Skipper Euphyes dion S4 G4    
Two-spotted Skipper Euphyes bimacula S3S4 G4    
Dun Skipper Euphyes vestris S5 G5    
Black Swallowtail Papilio polyxenes S5 G5    
Canadian Tiger Swallowtail Papilio glaucus canadensis S5 G5    
Mustard White Pieris napi S4 G5    
West Virginia White Pieris virginiensis S3 G4    
European Cabbage White Pieris rapae SE G5    
Large Marble Euchloe ausonides S3 G5    
Common Sulphur Colias philodice S5 G5    
Orange Sulphur Colias eurytheme S5 G5    
Pink-edged Sulphur Colias interior S5 G5    
Harvester Feniseca tarquinius S4 G4    
American Copper Lycaena phlaeas S4 G5    
Bronze Copper Lycaena hyllus S5 G5    
Dorcus Copper Lycaena dorcas S4 G4    
Purplish Copper Lycaena helloides S3 G5    
Coral Hairstreak Harkenclenus titus S5 G5    
Acadian Hairstreak Satyrium acadicum S4S5 G5    
Banded Hairstreak Satyrium calanus S5 G5    
Hickory Hairstreak Satyrium caryaevorum S3 G4?    
Striped Hairstreak Satyrium liparops S5 G5    
Brown Elfin Incisalia augustinus S5 G5    
Hoary Elfin Incisalia polioa S4 G5    
Eastern Pine Elfin Incisalia niphon S5 G5    
Eastern Tailed Blue Everes comyntas S5 G5    
Spring Azure Celastrina argiolus S5 G5    
Great Spangled Fritillary Speyeria cybele S5 G5    
Aphrodite Speyeria aphrodite S5 G5    
Atlantis Fritillary Speyeria atlantis S5 G5    
Silver-bordered Fritillary Boloria selene  S5 G5    
Meadow Fritillary Boloria bellona S5 G5    
Silvery Crescentspot Chlosyne nycteis S4S5 G5    
Harris' Checkerspot Chlosyne harrisii S4 G4    
Southern Pearly Crescentspot Phycoides tharos S4 G5    
Tawny Crescentspot Phycoides batesii S3 G4    
Northern Pearl Crescent Phycoides pascoensis S5 G5    
Baltimore Euphydryas phaeton S4 G4    
Question Mark Polygonia interrogationis S5 G5    
Comma Polygonia comma S5 G5    
Faunus Anglewing Polygonia faunus S4 G5    
Gray Comma Polygonia progne S4S5 G5    
Compton Tortoiseshell Nymphalis vaualbum S5 G5    
Mourning Cloak Nymphalis antiopa S5 G5    
Milbert's Tortoiseshell Aglais milberti S5 G5    
American Painted Lady Vanessa virginiensis S5 G5    
Red Admiral Vanessa atalanta SZB? G5    
White Admiral Limenitis arthemis S5 G5    
Red-spotted Purple Limenitis arthemis astyanax S5 G5T5    
Viceroy Limenitis archippus S5 G5    
Northern Pearly Eye Enodia anthedon S4 G5    
Eyed Brown Satyrodes eurydice S5 G5    
Appalachian Brown Satyrodes appalachia S4 G5    
Little Wood Satyr Megisto cymela S5 G5    
Prairie Ringlet Coenonympha tullia S5 G5    
Large Wood Nymph Cercyonis pegala S5 G5    
Chryxus Arctic Oeneis chryxus S4 G5    
Jutta Arctic Oeneis jutta S4 G5    
Monarch Danaus plexippus S5 G5 VUL