The Community of Lagoon city

Lagoon City

Welcome to the lake-side community of Lagoon City 
(Ontario's little Venice


The man behind the idea of Lagoon City as a canal-based, vacation-at-home retirement community was Hungarian engineer Andrew Zsolt. The idea was first floated in the mid 1960's when investors / develop[ers were being courted to make the project a reality. Construction got under way in the seventies, with a plan for a community of 26,000. Today the estimated population is around 2,600 and given the environmental restrictions on waterfront development now in place, it is unlikely to grow much larger. Nevertheless, Lagoon City is a thriving lake / canal side community where every home has a dock and lake access through the network of canals that form the nucleus of the community.

Lagoon City

Lagoon City is primarily a retirement / recreational community with about half of the residents living here year round. There are restaurants, variety stores, several marinas, tenis courts and a busy community centre.

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